How to Get 1 Million Hits on Your Blog

Accessing your blog isn’t easy, but if you do it right, it’s very satisfying and rewarding to know that people access your own blog on a regular basis. Here are some tips to help you succeed, and I understand things. There is no reason you can’t be one of the best bloggers.
1. Blog topic

The topic of your blog is really important. If you need a lot of visits, you should consider where to meet your readers. When you write about cracks in your wall, you need to know where to find people who like to read! Otherwise you are destined.
2. Search engine usability

When you dance with Google, you have to flirt like a beautiful woman.
We hope that regular readers will find your blog on authoritative sites, but many readers come from here. Google is the internet, you have to accept it. All political bloggers dream of being at the top of the list when someone types “Politics Blog” into Google. If someone writes a “hopeful and unknown random political blog in Northeast England”, I would like to see my blog. If someone is looking for what you are writing, visiting your website is a good idea.

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Clever tricks to improve search engine rankings are key, but you have to hit the song, otherwise your blog hit will suffer. Whether right or wrong, Google now has the level of influence a website needs to meet its needs. To do this, write your keywords in your post with no more than 2% of the words. The keywords of my blog are “labor, politics, political blog” and so on. The following sentence is a bad example. This post is intended to allow bloggers to get more views. We recommend that you adjust the wording a little to make it more specific. So … this post is intended for anyone asking the question, “How do I access my blog?” Search engines match the exact phrase with the search term, which puts you in the rankings, and when people see a job match what they are looking for, they read your job and wonder I think!

Keep in mind that Google is constantly changing its algorithms as to what is important to the ranking index of search engine rankings. After all, and with their own approval, they use a very complex combination of factors to find relevance on the page.
My probably unsuccessful attempt to simplify Google’s algorithm is basically to get more visits, your page is more relevant and you have more backlinks, which is It will make Google believe that your page is the authority of the keyword. .. use. Google then tries to host the page in response to a matching query. You think your page is better suited to meet the needs of search engines. Then get more hits.
If you do nothing but put your most important keyword in your most important post title and the body of your page, you are half there. Keep in mind that large companies are using search engine consultants to maximize these types of things, so do your best here.
3.3. Communicate with other bloggers

This is my first game. I have found that most political bloggers generally do not easily link to me. Instead of dropping a random link everywhere, I chose the link on the right that I actually read. Many of the blogs I read primarily in politics contain many links. The link to your blog is good, but it usually loses volume. However, we recommend connecting to all blogs and requesting links. It should be mentioned that some of the blogs I contacted were great and immediately tied me up. About 20%. So, like a sale, it’s a number game.
After the blog has been actively updated for about 10 weeks, you probably need to look for a link. Hopefully the next blogger, who will definitely have an ego bloated sensation because they are “established”, want to make sure you are a reasonable blog before linking. prize. To be honest with established blogs, many blogs come and go. You need to show that you are staying for a long time. If they decide to return to your blog, they will probably link you to your blog. Some bloggers even mention a little about your blog in their posts, which encourages viewers to click. You should write a small post on your blog and thank them if that happens, it can strengthen the abstract relationship and make friends you commit more positively to you increase.
When talking about links, I found general indifference to people. Some people are very protective about their status when linking to someone else, if it doesn’t really make a difference to their blog. I start by linking to everyone, but over time I either remove the link that ignores my email or just put the industry link on their website. You need to encourage new bloggers and the links are free. Oh, never pay for a link unless you have a business reason.
A simple email requesting a link to the screen.

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