The Secrets of Internet and Online Marketing

You are probably already using the online world for many things. Whether to use it for entertainment, research, emailing friends and family, or simply discussing many topics with others.
There is something you absolutely need to know about what you can do online. Trade any business online!

Yes, online marketing is arguably an incredible tool, as the power of the online world reaches millions of people, without which business would not be possible. Just for the simple fact that ads are virtually free. The ability to get results for thousands of dollars in free advertising is virtually unheard of in today’s business world.

Very recently, more and more people have discovered ways to market their businesses using the ever-expanding online world.V
please think about it. Probably no business can benefit from free advertising. And the fact that using free ads raises the right results to incredible levels! Using one of the major online services or the internet will help you market your business.
Let’s start with ordinary old-fashioned advertising. For example, America Online allows you to run free ads. You can choose from a variety of categories. By placing these little free ads, you can generate some great leads that can be turned into sales. Or if you are a very good seller, you can sell something directly from your free ads. Isn’t it something to do all the sales with real free ads? Visit:-

Other services sometimes offer free advertising. If they charge for classified ads, it’s generally very cheap, and still very much considering how many people can reach the ad. Whenever you place an ad, you need to “tag” it. This means that if you want to do business, there’s something in each ad that tells you where the ad is coming from. As such, you probably want some departments to be better producers than others and you want to focus on these departments rather than the ones where you don’t make money.
To encode your ad, you can request a specific “report” for more information. Each report must be assigned a different code for each ad. Example: “Request Report # 1tv”. This tells us that this request is from an ad in the sales category for TV. If you submit your order directly from your ad, you’ll need to provide a different order number for each ad. Most people who advertise online don’t use these ad codes !!! This is a big marketing error !!!

We’re wasting our time by constantly placing ads in lost categories because we don’t know exactly which ads are making money. The actual code can be whatever you want to assign. Always keep track of all the ads you place. Make a note of what you said, when and where it was posted. Analyzing the “advertising data” and observing the progress of some positive activities will be a pleasant surprise. Repeat these operations, and it will help you make more money.
How would you like to find a list of the names of hundreds (or thousands) of people who may be interested in a particular product or service you are selling based on their work or interests? ?? Wouldn’t it be great! ?? Online services can offer this service as part of their regular membership.
This little-known tool is called the “member directory”. You can search the directories of other users with specific features. For example, if you sell fishing equipment, you can search for “fishing.” Everyone registered in the directory, including fishing as one of their hobbies, will appear in the search list. You can now send an email to each person to notify them about a product or service, much like using a mailing list, but with no shipping charges. (Warning: Be careful with this, it could be spam or junk mail).

You can also get the names of different prospects with a little “browsing” in different topic forums. By following the previous example of searching for people who are fishing, you can search under sports until you find a discussion about fishing. You can then record the names of the users who participated in the discussion. You can do the same on the internet with one of the many newsgroups they have.

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