10 Cities With Enormously High Homeless Population

The world’s population is increasing every day, the numbers of Destitute or homeless people is growing too. The population is also high and it is the Human Rights Commission on Human Rights has created a list of the top ten list of cities that have extremely large populations of homeless. They are deprived of vital necessities of life and don’t even have an appropriate place to live. There are numerous cities around all over the globe where residents live in a state of homelessness and live their lives in parks or sleeping on benches, walking paths, or in a deserted area.

The homeless population engages in practices of soliciting help, eating the leftover food, and selling scrap objects. This is the typical situation that you can find in the top ten cities that have very high numbers of homeless. If we talk about modern cities as well as any city in general, the problem of homeless people is a part of every society. This is a list of the top towns that have extremely high homeless population include:

11 Manila, Philippines: alone in the Philippines There are 1.2 million people living within the Philippines who are homeless. There are homeless people who live in Manila is 70,000. There are 22.8 million people living in areas of slums are mostly engaged in begging or selling. The issue of poverty is another one within the urban area. This city is able to be on the top ten cities that have very high levels of poverty’ list.

2. Moscow, Russia: According to the rough estimation that there are between 10,000 and homeless people in the Moscow city, but only. Five million homeless people in Russia. There is no action taken by the government since the number of homeless people is increasing each day. This is the reason why this city is among the top ten cities that have very high numbers of homeless. Visit:- https://populer.co.id/

33 Indianapolis, Indiana: This city is home to an alarmingly homeless individuals increasing each year. However, the mayor was a former one of Indianapolis was a former mayor of Indianapolis city. According to estimates, the homeless population is around 15,000 people annually in the city. This is the reason why researchers consider it to be among the top ten cities that have very high numbers of homeless.

44 Chicago, Illinois: The homeless population increases each year. People are worried that by the end of the year, those who are homeless and being begging will increase. The city is on the list of the top ten cities that have extremely large numbers of homeless.

5- Athens, Greece: the declining financial situation in the city lowered the standard of living for residents and there is thousands of homeless people on the streets. 9000 people are primarily from Athens who are homeless . The government has not taken any appropriate steps to stop it so, the city is listed among the top ten cities with very large numbers of homeless.

66 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil The year before there were 2,500 homeless residents living in Rio De Janeiro. People who are homeless live in the streets, and this is why the city is listed among the top 10 cities that have very high numbers of homeless. They are in the streets and are also engaged in street crime.

77 Rome, Italy: the reason why Rome is among the top 10 cities that have an exceptionally high number of homeless is due to the fact that there are 17,000 homeless people in the Italy and 7,000 of them are primarily from the city of Rome.

88 San Francisco, USA: The city is also home to the largest number of people who live in the street. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people live on the streets and aren’t prepared to be in shelters provided to them by government officials of the USA government. If you add this number and the total homeless people is around 10,000 in the San Francisco. The city is also listed as one of one of the cities that have very high numbers of homeless.

99 Budapest, Hungary: in the list of the top ten cities with the sixth highest homeless population, the top amount of homeless is the one living alone in Budapest that is around 10,000. The government is taking firm actions to end the problem and there are 6,000 homeless living in Budapest solely.

1010 Mumbai, India: The situation of the homeless is extremely worrying as homeless are living wherever they can find a place. The city has 25,000 homeless people who live on the streets of Mumbai. In all there are 23 million homeless people in India. Mumbai is also among the top 10 cities that have very high numbers of homeless people living in homes.

The cities that are listed among the top 10 cities that have an the highest number of homeless are striving to address the issue of homeless individuals by taking initiatives. The governments of the top ten cities that have an extremely large homeless population is attempting to help these individuals with housing, jobs, or a living allowances, however the number of homeless is still growing in the past few years. Some of them are succeeding however, others are working very hard.


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